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Odisha, formerly known as Orissa is the 9th largest state area wise in India and the 11th largest  by population. Oriya the official language here is widely and commonly spoken here.  A home of thousand temples, Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa.


The Government of India has started computerised land record all over the India. The Indian government has issued an order to all the state government to organize online system for any kind of certificates, to know the status, downloading and filling of the form and many more.


In the busy schedule, nowadays everyone want his work to be done in a very short time. Everyone knows the importance of time, they don’t want to waste their single second as even a single second is precious for them. No one wants to stand in a queue to get their work done.  As we all know in most of  the government offices, we have to walk several of time to get our work done. And many of the times we have to beg them.


To get rid out of this, the Government of Orissa started many portal of their departments so that the citizens of the state could easily know  all their information, apply for certificate or many more in a single window. You don’t need to go here and there to get their work done. You just need to have a computer or laptop and a internet connections or to get the work done you just need to go the cyber cafe.


Bhulekh is one of them. The word Bhu+Alekh means Land Record. In the Bhulekh, the owner of the property or the buyer of the property or the citizens who have property for domestic or business purposes can get easily all the status or the information  of their property.


The National Informatic centre of Orissa Unit and the Revenue Department of Orissa has developed Bhulekh website to provide all land record online to the users.

The Bhulekh website is known as Ori Bhulekh, Odisha Bhulekh, Orissa Land Record, Orissa Khata Khatauni, Odisha ROR etc. The Bhulekh website organised by Orissa State Government to provide (ROR) Record of Rights which means that every citizen have the  right to know the all the information about their query.

The Orissa state has 30 District accompanied by 317 Tehsils alongwith 2064 RICs.  The state of Orissa have 51210 Villages in total. All the records of these villages are available on the Bhulekh website of the State.

The Official website of Bhulekh of the Orissa State Government is www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in

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 To get your land records and Bhulekh or Khata details  Khatoni/Fard/ Record of right ROR follow the steps after visiting the website.


1.  Visit the official website of Orissa www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in

2.  You will see an option of Download Odiya font to fill the form in Odiya language.

 3.  Next is Login option which is for office use and select location option to select the village name for which you want land record or map view

4.  You will see the four tabs in your window General Information, ROR views, Map and Forms

5.  To know the land record, select ROR views.

6.  There are three options.

a) Khatiyan

After selecting Khatiyan, enter village name to the given section of selection and click on next to get land records.


b) Plot

Enter village name after selection of Plot section and click on next.

c) Tenant

Here the process is same, after selecting tenant, enter village name. Here below the village name, enter the information  in R.I. circle option and click on next.

7.  You can directly get the information  of your land record by selecting “Select Location” option.

Enter your choice of State name, District name, Sub Division Name and Tehsil Name. After entering all these, you will see the map of your Tehsil, find your Plot No. or Khasra Number on Map. Then click on your village map and download your land record.

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  1. Please fix it in English because in mobile it is unable to view land records…

  2. state and district field fill option is not showing please help…..

  3. Have been tring to view my RoR but the font issue remains unresolved. Downloaded the font many times but fail to see anything. Why doesn’t Govt of Odisha make the records available in English? After all the CM has been speaking in English for more than a decade!!

    • If a person wish to be peon in Odisha, he has to pass pass Odia ME (7th class) but the CM has the right to unknown to Odia language. So don’t get awakend CM has all the right

  4. Sir, I am already installed odia font but bhulekh page odia font not shown , what I am doing, I am open in Internet explore and also try google crome & firefox.

  5. sir i want to know land record about 50 years ago, please suggest how could i know. it will be a great help

  6. it is a great shame for the goverment, this website does not ope it suck

  7. this web side doest not open properly, it is useless.

  8. odia font is installed but did’t found any land record

  9. Sir,

    I have purchased land from some one he is having Patta No. and other details, but when I was checked in orissa bhulekh orissa web site we are not getting any details on website.

    My humble request is kindly update ROR details in web site so that no one can face such type of problem.

  10. Odiya fonts not download in ROR system for last three month please rectify it. I am at Bhilai,Chattishgarh wants know the position of my purchased land at Jharsuguda Town.

  11. Please check my proprty

  12. plz fix it in english bcz i unable to view in my mobile

  13. I installed the odiya font but its not working .Plz fix the problem.

  14. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible because i need it in urgency manner.

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